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Undoubtedly the finest fellow ever!
We have decided to give the Duke his own page! His outstanding work in the field of Style has given
him this privelige! Who else deserves their own page?

Looks like David has found a bargain!

This picture to the right is a clear reason as to why David Dickenson is the lord of the Fine fellows! Just look at that tan! Could anyone else get away with that shade of orange?
This picture shows David in his award winning programme Bargain Hunt in which contestants hunt for bargains! It is a dream of ours to appear on the show, and meet the Duke himself!
David will never pass up a chance to have a laugh. Apart from his style, the Duke also has a brilliant sense of humour. Just imagine what he would be saying in this picture!
David also carries out his own stunts! This is a brilliant example. You wouldn't catch Dennis Norden doing this!
Just another example of why David Dickenson is, and always will be the finest of all fine fellows!