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Click on the picture of David Dickenson below to see his own, personal gallery!

David and some of his fine friends!

Looks like David Dickensn has found a bargain!

Can this tan really be real?

What has the duke found now?

When I said antique......

David showing why he's a fine fellow!

Daley Thompson showing off his afro!

This moustache is a true sign of class!

The godfather of soul! Mr Dynamite!

Huh! Ow! Hit Me!

The original hardman. Mr T!

Patrick Stewart! Now this man has style!

A sure sign of Mr Stewart's iconic status!

Small picture. Still a very Fine Fellow!

That's better! What a fine fellow!

Burnside. Another Fine Fellow from The Bill!

Would you mess with this man?

The most stylish news reader ever?

David Suchet. AKA Poirot. What a Fine Fellow!

Jimmy Saville! What a very fine fellow!

Jim McDonald! Just look at that 'tache!

Ricky!!! Oh my. Another fine fellow!

Noel Edmonds: undoubted style, however crinkly his bottom may be!

Chris Akabusi! The whitest teeth in athletics?

William Shattner's finest hour.....TJ Hooker

Mr Motivator, fitness made fine!

Fine gunge merchant. Dave Benson Phillips!

Tony Hart, fine art legend

This is Earl Hyman! Finely remembered as the voice of the most stylish caroon character ever, Panthro from Thundercats!

The cat-tastic Cat from Red Dwarf!


Created by Alex Dinning & Alastair Leith